Poems by a Fed-Up (but Otherwise Really Happy) Atheist

The Bible Makes You Better?

So atheists have no morals ‘cause we don’t believe in god,
But the Bible gives you morals? I find that rather odd.

God declared to Abraham, “Go kill your only son.” (Genesis 22:2)
In the end, he didn’t have to; but what would you have done?
All kids who “curse their parents” should now be put to death, (Leviticus 20:9)
Plus kill all Sunday workers! (Will anyone be left?)  (Exodus 35:2)
If you rape a virgin, marry her! Then everything is great. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)
Says God: “Kill men and women; the virgins you can rape.” (Numbers 31:17-18)
A brother rapes his sister; a father tells the crowd, (2 Samuel 13:11-14)
“Gang-rape my virgin daughter!” This Bible makes you proud? (Judges 19:22-24)

God slaughters every firstborn in a fearsome show of might, (Exodus 12:29-30)
Atheists are horrified – hey God! That wasn’t right!
The Bible’s full of murder – did God forget it’s wrong? (1 Chronicles 21:14, Deuteronomy 3:3-7)
Dead women, children, animals – the bloody list goes on.  (2 Kings 10:25, Joshua 6:20-21, Numbers 15:35-36, Deuteronomy 20:16-17, Psalms 137:9, Deuteronomy 13:15-16, Joshua 11:21-22, Ezekiel 9:5-7, Hosea 13:16)

The Bible talks ‘bout buying slaves, just like we buy our bread. (Leviticus 25:44-46)
I wonder why it didn’t say that slavery’s wrong, instead?
Oh here’s a moral teaching! To kill your slave’s a crime. (Exodus 21:20)
But beat him so he’s down for days? Well, that’s completely fine.  (Exodus 21:21)

You believe the Ten Commandments, the “one man one woman” rot,
Gonna kill those Sunday workers? Do you believe, or do you not?
If you stand up for one part of it, you stand up for the rest.
Those virgin rapes, those massacres –  I dare you! Call it blessed.

Atheists know that murder’s wrong; rape and slavery too.
Didn’t learn that from the Bible. Hey Christians – nor did you!
The slaughters, all that raping – you think those things are good?
All those acts should be condemned – a moral person would.
You think you’ve higher morals ‘cause you’ve read that violent book?
The Bible makes you better? Better take another look.


Comments on: "The Bible Makes You Better?" (7)

  1. peddiebill said:

    Oh Gosh and Oh woe
    You strike a low blow
    You find that our Good Book is flawed
    You’ll tell us all next
    All knowledge is hexed
    Cos it too is not from the Lord.

    Way back at year dot
    They knew not a lot
    Science was really a mess
    The Earth was quite flat
    On a turtle it sat
    ’bout bugs they knew even less

    I guess that your mind
    Now has twitched up its blind
    Now you see further than then
    But can you not see
    That might go for me
    My faith is not stuck way back when

    But by all means you flail
    And stomp on that whale
    Cos Jonah might be a tall tale
    But leave me to find
    My own peace of mind
    In my tentative search for my grail


  2. I like it! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. peddiebill said:

    Rebecca – can I have permission to post the first half of your poem on my site to give my readers the flavour of it – together with my reply. I thought it might be fun to invite visitors to my site to have a go in verse themselves.

  4. Hi Peddiebill,
    Sure! Can you copy it right from my blog?

    I really did like your poem — it’s well written, and is a good reply to my poem. 🙂

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  7. Lord Wellington said:

    This is truly the most beautiful poem, from the view of an atheist, that I have ever read!

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