Poems by a Fed-Up (but Otherwise Really Happy) Atheist

Take Off Your Christian Glasses

Take off your Christian glasses! Be brave and take a glance!
Imagine there’s no God up there, that life began by chance.
No God is listening to your prayers (so don’t expect an answer);
No God accounts for suffering, catastrophes and cancer.
Yet music, art, hope and beauty, love and joy remain:
A world with God, a world without – well gosh, it looks the same.

Take off your Christian glasses! Check out the other side.
What makes you so reluctant? Is your faith mixed up with pride?
Do you cling to Christian teachings out of fear – or maybe dread?
It’s really not that terrible to think that dead is dead.
You’re on a precious planet; you have one precious life.
Don’t live as in the Iron Age! Come, step into the light!

Take off your Christian glasses! Take an honest look.
The Bible’s full of errors, friend. It’s not that great a book.
Think about it this way, from another point of view:
Does your minister or science have more cause to twist what’s true?
See the world around you, all those mysteries to be solved!
Not knowing (yet) the answer doesn’t mean that God’s involved.

Take off your Christian glasses! The world’s not so changed.
You’re still a moral person, but your mind is now unchained!
Life isn’t all that different in the non-religious crowd:
No time is wasted in a church, no time’s spent being cowed.
Whatever you attempt in life, you do in your own name.
You deserve to get some credit, instead of just the blame.
You worked hard (or had some luck) – it’s not that you were “blessed.”
Don’t waste your time on pleas and prayers  – go forth and do your best!

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you think God’s there or not:
The tide goes in, the tide goes out, no matter what you’re taught.
The sun keeps rising in the east, and setting in the west.
You can hide behind those glasses; you can chant: “It’s God! We’re blessed!”
But science offers answers that explain the sun and tides:
Take off those Christian glasses! They deceive your mind and eyes!

You want to know the answers and believe what’s really true?
You don’t believe in Thor or Zeus – let go of God now, too!
Take a look at evidence, put all things to the test.
Do you really think a talking snake explains the world best?
Take off your Christian glasses if it’s knowledge that you seek:
You could lose your faith – but gain the truth!

That’s worth a teeny peek.


Comments on: "Take Off Your Christian Glasses" (5)

  1. mike00000000001 said:

    been there . .. . done that . .. .. . was scary . .. . turned out to not even be true.

  2. I know it’s scary. Congrats on looking! 🙂

  3. Closet Atheist said:

    Where have you been?

  4. Dr. Psychiatrist said:

    Wow. Bold you are dear Rebecca. I am ballsy but not THIS ballsy. I love this poem and it would be wonderful for so many to read it and take up your charge. Speaking only on a psychological level, not artistic, and as a person who knows something about helping people to let their defenses down, I wonder if the take off your Christian glasses could be modified to something less unnerving. You may have written it more cathartically, with no thought or hope that people would really try. But I think it stands a chance of affecting people. So if I may be so bold i wonder if using the ending first would help. “It’s worth a tiny peek.” I wonder if using that early on would be more respectful of the fear people feel. I often say to people, “Maybe if you considered just openning the window and inch to see what is there.” That way they can slam it shut in their mind. “Take off your Christian glasses” seems to me like a Christian person would go “Hell no….You da devil….I know dat now!!”

    I love this poem and I have never seen anything like this. Though many would think this kind of thing possibly. It is very fresh!

    • Thanks for your thoughts! I remember a former Christian once saying to me that they were afraid to imagine the world without god, because maybe all the planets would fly out of their orbits the instant the person considered the idea. Yikes! It must be terrifying to consider. But if they could just try a teeny fleeting peek, and see that all remains well… 🙂

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