Poems by a Fed-Up (but Otherwise Really Happy) Atheist

Wrong (again)

Wrong (again)

“There’s nothing wrong with slavery!” you cried with all your might.
“It’s sanctioned in the Bible!” (And by God, you know, you’re right.)
’Twas tradition that the upper class owned property like slaves.
You treat your blacks quite well, you claimed (as long as they behaved).
But giving slaves their freedom? To treat them just like white?
You cried that it’s not natural! It’s unheard-of! It’s not right!

You explained the color of their skin was proof of lower race.
You held no malice towards them, they just had to know their place.
Slavery was tradition. The way it’d always been.
’Twas written in the Bible, so to change it was a sin!
You thought the color of your skin made you superior,
But the rest of us all saw you as the racist that you were.

With women, you were adamant: they shouldn’t work or vote!
“Women must submit to men!” was a favorite Bible quote.
’Twas tradition they made babies, that they cooked and kept the home;
A woman’s place was certainly not equal to your own!
Men always ran the household: in their homes, they were the king.
It’d been this way for all these years, why change a single thing?

You explained how fragile women were, not logical or smart.
You held no malice towards them, they just had to know their part.
To rule was tradition. The way it’d always been.
’Twas written in the Bible, so to change it was a sin!
You thought God made it obvious that they’re inferior,
But the rest of us all saw you as the sexist that you were.

And now we come to marriage ’tween two people who are gay.
Stop right there! Just let me guess at what you’re gonna say!
You’ll talk about tradition ’tween a man and woman pair;
You’ll quote your Bible verses (homophobic and unfair).
You’ll say it isn’t natural. That being gay’s a sin.
(You can no more choose your gayness than the color of your skin.)
Armed with hateful Bible quotes, you feel so justified;
(Cuz you’ve never known the Bible to have been on the wrong side!)

You’ll explain you really love gays. You really really do!
You hold no malice towards them, they should just be straight, like you.
Marriage is tradition. The way it’s always been.
It’s written in the Bible, so to change it is a sin!
You think that you’re so righteous, such a moral superstar,
But the rest of us all see you as the bigot that you are.

You make the same old arguments! Forgive me if I’m shrill:
‘Twas discrimination earlier! You’re discriminating still!
You like to fight ’gainst civil rights, but every time you’re wrong.
In time the country grows ashamed of the side you’re always on.
Here’s why you’ll lose this battle (like the other fights you fought):
It’s pure discrimination!

You can marry.

They cannot.


Comments on: "Wrong (again)" (8)

  1. Reblogged this on The Dixie Flatline and commented:
    I am awestruck. My struck has seldom been so awed.

  2. Worthy stuff. Wish I’d written it (and all your other poems) myself.

  3. Stonyground said:

    This is an issue that I often comment on. Every bit of progress toward a fairer society is opposed by religion. On every moral argument, despite the assistance of a divine revelation, the Churches backed the wrong horse. They lose the argument and the world moves on, but here’s the thing. Once enough time has passed, the Churches rewrite history and start claiming that they were at the forefront of the campaign for change right from the start. I wonder if I will live long enough to witness them claiming credit for gay marriage and assisted dying?

    Oh I’m in luck! Arch Bishop Sentamu has been caught out claiming that the Bishops in the House of Lords voted in favour of civil partnerships when they did nothing of the sort. Sentamu is too stupid to realise that he is supposed to wait twenty years or so before attempting such revisionism. Now that we have the internet, I doubt that he will get away with it even then.

    • Everything you said: YES!!!

    • Stonyground, did you watch that three-part documentary on the BBC a few months back about the history of the British church? Hilarious. The presenter chappy spent 2 1/2 programmes describing how the catholic church, and then the CofE, had been forced, kicking and screaming, to finally accept virtually every change in British society since the Romans left. Then in the final half-hour he eulogised about how the church had been such a great force for change…

      Nearly fell off me chair, laughing, I did.

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