Poems by a Fed-Up (but Otherwise Really Happy) Atheist

Ban Assault Rifles!

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School joins the tragic list of schools that have experienced a deadly shooting. How many mass shootings are we going to endure before our country takes meaningful action? I know it will take more than “just” gun control – but gun control sure seems like a good place to start.

Ban Assault Rifles!

Another school shooting. You statesmen on the right
Say prayers for all the victims; you pray with all your might.
You cry it’s such a tragedy; you mourn for those attacked.
You condemn the shocking violence – but then refuse to act.

Your words and prayers mean nothing! If shootings caused you dread,
You would’ve banned assault guns; those kids would not be dead!
By stomaching assault guns, you signal you condone ’em.
Assault guns are for soldiers! Civilians shouldn’t own ’em!

For years we’ve roared for action. Do something, don’t just pray!
But none of you has any balls. Instead, the NRA
Yanks your chain, says “Leave it!” Your principles you ditch.
You piddle while obeying. You’re just their little bitch.

Despite our calls for gun control, you say the thing to do
Is weaponize the teachers, so they can shoot guns too!
Armed with submachine guns, the teachers take their place.
Shoot-outs in the classroom! Yeah, that’ll keep kids safe!

And how about the other spots that murderers might go?
A music concert! City park! A theater or show!
A sports arena! Parking lot! A popular café!
A tourist site! The grocery store! A place where people pray!
A busy subway station! A crowded city mall!
Does the public, armed with M-16s, have shoot-outs in them all?

There are people seeking weapons who intend to wound and kill.
How easy should it be for them to get a gun at will?
No background checks at gun shows. No background checks online.
Free access to assault guns. How dare you think that’s fine!

You claim that guns are not to blame cuz people pull the trigger;
So children’s bodies pile up. The heap of dead grows bigger.
You pave the way for killers by resisting calls for bans.
By siding with assault guns, you bloody-up your hands.

To Christian politicians: Please ponder in your pews,
Children or assault guns: Which side would Jesus choose?
Would he justify assault guns, despite the kids they kill?
Or take a stand for children? Act Christian! Write a bill!

Stop bowing to the NRA! Stop doing what it bids!
Your right to buy your weapons doesn’t trump the lives of kids!
Show some moral courage for our daughters and our sons:
Stop these lethal shootings!



Comments on: "Ban Assault Rifles!" (3)

  1. I have no words to describe this… [Link]

  2. Outstanding Rebecca. Outstanding. Totally aligned with you.

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