Poems by a Fed-Up (but Otherwise Really Happy) Atheist

About Me


Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m a really happy, nice, moral, law-abiding wife, animal-lover, nature-lover, and poet.

I’m also an atheist. Look, ma, no horns!

I’ve become increasingly unhappy with the Christian right’s attempts to force Christian rule on the rest of us: we are, after all, a democracy, not a theocracy. Separation of church and state, and all that good stuff.

This frustration is coming out in my poems. You might like them. You might hate them. Feel free to comment, although I ask you not to be abusive or threatening.

That’s just not nice.

If you’re a Christian or a conservative, you probably won’t like these poems. But maybe the poems will get you thinking … maybe you’ll see things from a new perspective … maybe you’ll at least understand mine.  And maybe you’ll even join us really happy, nice, moral, law-abiding atheists. I hope so.

With happiness in my heart (and a bit of acid on my pen),

~Rebecca Rose


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