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Health Care From Right-Wing Representatives

Right-wing Representatives approved their “health care” bill on May 4, designed to (finally) fulfill their “repeal and replace Obamacare” promise. But even members of their own party don’t like what their House colleagues crafted, so Senate Republicans are starting over. We’ll see what an American health care bill looks like to them. Hopefully it will help everyone, not just the rich.

Health Care From Right-Wing Representatives

As right-wing Representatives, we finally wrote our bill
That helps our business colleagues, and screws the poor and ill.
We promised that we’d do it! Our voters want it too!
(It goes against their interests, but that is nothing new!)
We vowed to gut Obamacare; you urged us to proceed;
And so we’ll roll back Medicaid, which dumps some folks in need.
It saves a lot of money if low-income folks are tossed –
We, the richest country, can’t be burdened with their cost!

For the sicker and the older, you’ll see your premiums rise.
You cost us more, so fork out more! Financially, that’s wise.
If soaring costs spell trouble cuz you’re barely making rent,
You better find a cheaper place (like maybe in a tent).
You’ll get no help from us for things like rent or food or heat;
No increase of the minimum wage to get you on your feet.
Your struggles aren’t our problem. Frankly, we don’t care.
No cash? Okay! No coverage. That’s absolutely fair.

Cut taxes for the richest! The poor can take the hit;
The premium’s too pricey? You better not get sick!
Cuz if you do get cancer, the chemo costs are high.
It’s your fault you lack coverage; you’ll drown in debt or die.
With right-wing Representatives, you never have to doubt
Who will be the winners, and who will be left out.
This bill reflects our values. Callously, we’ve shown
We’ll keep the wealthy healthy. The rest are on their own.



To Republicans Who Don’t Like Trump

To Republicans Who Don’t Like Trump

To those of you declaring Trump is not your Party’s face,
I say to you: Oh yes, he is. Behold your Party’s base!
Trump typifies the hatred and the anger perfectly:
The ignorance, the ugliness, the naked bigotry.
The utter disregard for facts; the anti-foreign spite;
The brazen incivility; the itching for a fight.

To call yourself Republican, your views must be the same,
Or close enough – you’re registered! – so you’re, in part, to blame.
For years, you’ve let Fox News distort the truth with lies and hate;
Elected Party leaders who let anger germinate;
Stayed loyal as they propagated dread and discontent;
Kept voting for the GOP, and what they represent.
You listened as Rush Limbaugh planted seeds of rage and fear:
You reap the crop you sow, you know, and Reaping Day is here.

And now we’re stuck with Donald Trump, an egomaniac,
A lewd and crude misogynist, a lying racist hack.
(To those appalled by Trump who now self-righteously complain:
If you’re like most, and didn’t vote, you’re equally to blame!
Eight-five percent of you thought staying home was fine –
By giving up your right to vote, you lost your right to whine.)

Your Party fanned the fires of rage, and look what’s come to be:
Mobs of screaming people. Trump as Nominee.
By cultivating anger, they have brought us to this place.
You see that sea of pitchforks? That’s your Party’s base.
Trump’s the face of anger that the Grand Old Party grew
With support (or loyal silence) from Republicans like you.

Fingers in Their Ears

Polls indicate that most Americans want a balanced approach to the fiscal cliff problem, with both spending cuts and revenue increases to solve our financial imbalance.

But Republicans in Congress refuse to raise revenue at all, even by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy.

Fingers in their Ears

Republicans in Congress drone their same-old tired chant:
“Compromise with Democrats? We never will! We shan’t!
Cut spending and close loopholes? Our constituents say no!”
And Republicans across the States cry, “Wait! That isn’t so!”

But Republicans in Congress say, “We’ll carry out your wish!
You’d rather cut the milit’ry than tax the super-rich!
We’ll keep those loopholes open while we cut with all our might!”
And Republicans across the States cry, “Stop! That is not right!”

But Republicans in Congress say, “We’re listening to you!
You’d rather risk recession than to increase revenue!
The rich, they need their money. Our schools can take the hit!”
And Republicans across the States cry, “That’s certainly not it!”

But Republicans in Congress say, “We’ll do just what you’ve asked!
You’ll pay more in spending cuts; the rich, though, won’t be taxed!”

We say that we want balance. We’ve asked them this for years!
“We’re listening!” they pledge to us . . .  with fingers in their ears.